East Bay Animal PAC Endorses Dan Kalb For CA Assembly District 15

The East Bay Animal PAC overwhelmingly endorsed Dan Kalb in the race for Assembly District 15, which encompasses Richmond, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Albany, Piedmont, as well as parts of Oakland and Contra Costa County. Kalb has been a leading voice on the Oakland City Council in defending the rights of animals, including spearheading a ban on plastic straws, which are harmful to wildlife and waterways, and a ban on bullhooks, which are used to coerce elephants to perform tricks in the circus. The bullhook ban led Ringling Brothers to stop using elephants in its shows nationwide. Kalb has also been a leading voice regionally and statewide in protecting our parks, waterways and open spaces.

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin Discusses Groundbreaking Legislation for Animals

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin spoke to East Bay Animal PAC supporters on October 2, 2017. Mayor Arreguin continues to lead the fight for animal welfare in the East Bay. He spoke about why he fought to ban the declawing of cats and dogs, as well as the primate guardian issue, the prohibition of discriminating against renters with pets or guide dogs, the ban on animal testing, the plastic straw ban and this week’s ban on live animal giveaways.

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley Speaks About Responding to Animal Abuse

Nancy O’Malley generously volunteered her time on Monday, July 3, 2017 to speak to East Bay Animal PAC supporters about the links between violence against humans and violence against animals, and how her office deals with both issues. We thank District Attorney O’Malley for taking animal abuse seriously, and addressing the interests of all vulnerable members of our community. Thank you everyone for joining us. Your support makes events with animal-friendly elected officials like this possible.