Vote for Animal-Friendly Candidates in 2018!

The East Bay Animal PAC membership has voted, and we’re proud to endorse the following candidates in Oakland, Berkeley, and Alameda for the November 2018 election:

  • Libby Schaaf — Oakland Mayor
  • Abel Guillen — Oakland City Council, District 2
  • Natasha Middleton — Oakland City Council, District 6
  • Shanthi Gonzales — Oakland School Board, District 6
  • Igor Tregub — Berkeley City Council, District 1
  • Kate Harrison — Berkeley City Council, District 4
  • Rigel Robinson —Berkeley City Council, District 7
  • Lori Droste —Berkeley City Council, District 8
  • John Knox White — Alameda City Council


Please feel free to share our post and graphics to help support their campaigns, and join other East Bay Animal PAC members in helping to elect animal-friendly candidates!

East Bay Animal PAC Endorses Libby Schaaf for Oakland Mayor

East Bay Animal PAC announced today that its Board of Directors and voting members unanimously voted to endorse Libby Schaaf for a second term as Mayor of Oakland.

Mayor Schaaf has a long-standing commitment to promoting the welfare of Oakland’s animal residents. From creating and supporting animal-friendly legislation as an Oakland city councilmember to her ongoing support of Oakland Animal Services and Oakland Veg Week, Mayor Schaaf has demonstrated an alignment with the mission of the East Bay Animal PAC. “There is much more work to be done for animals, and we believe of all candidates for the office of Mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf is the most likely to achieve meaningful outcomes for Oakland animals,” said Michael Colbruno, co-founder and chair of the board of East Bay Animal PAC.

East Bay Animal PAC will host Mayor Schaaf on Thursday, September 20 at 6 p.m. at Temescal Works, 490 43rd. St. in Oakland for a discussion about protecting Oakland’s vulnerable animal residents. Following Mayor Schaaf’s words, attendees will hear from other candidates on November’s ballot that the East Bay Animal PAC is considering endorsing. PAC members will be eligible to vote on endorsements.

(Pictured above: Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, founding board members Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and Tim Anderson, and PAC member David Goudreau)

East Bay Animal PAC Endorses Prop 12!

The East Bay Animal PAC is pleased to endorse YES on Prop 12. Prop 12 would require cage-free housing and improve space requirements in California for veal calves, mother pigs, and egg laying hens who are typically confined in tiny cages on factory farms. It would also ensure that veal, pork, and eggs sold in the state come from operations meeting these modest standards.

The vast majority of egg-laying hens, mother pigs, and veal calves caught up in the food system come from animals unable to engage in important natural behaviors, virtually immobilizing them for the duration of their existence. This important legislation would make it illegal to subject these highly intelligent, sensitive animals to this extreme confinement and illegal to sell products that come from operations that use those intensive confinement practices.

Farm animals and California consumers deserve protection from such inhumane and substandard products in the marketplace. Many other states and food retailers have adopted cage-free standards – it’s time for California to to follow suit and become a leader with cage-free standards.

Learn more and take action at

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East Bay Animal PAC Endorses Dan Kalb For CA Assembly District 15

The East Bay Animal PAC overwhelmingly endorsed Dan Kalb in the race for Assembly District 15, which encompasses Richmond, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Albany, Piedmont, as well as parts of Oakland and Contra Costa County. Kalb has been a leading voice on the Oakland City Council in defending the rights of animals, including spearheading a ban on plastic straws, which are harmful to wildlife and waterways, and a ban on bullhooks, which are used to coerce elephants to perform tricks in the circus. The bullhook ban led Ringling Brothers to stop using elephants in its shows nationwide. Kalb has also been a leading voice regionally and statewide in protecting our parks, waterways and open spaces.

PAC: Not a 4-Letter Word!

Although Political Action Committees (PACs) are a powerful tool to give animals a voice in the political arena (which directly impact their lives), they’re underused by animal advocates — some of which has to do with a misunderstanding about what PACs are and why they’re so important.

In short — and as it relates to us — a Political Action Committee (PAC) is a type of organization that raises money from individuals to support or oppose a campaign, candidate, ballot initiative, or legislation. PACs can also spend the contributions on advertising or other political efforts meant to support or oppose political candidates.

We all know that in politics, money is power – so to increase our power for the animals, we have formed the East Bay Animal PAC!

Our mission is to support animal-friendly candidates; to promote and propose animal-friendly legislation; and to educate candidates, board and commission members and other relevant public officials about issues related to animal protection.

Opponents of animal-friendly legislation financially support their candidates, and for every animal-unfriendly voice candidates hear means a missed opportunity for those who speak on behalf of animals. Compassionate people who care about animals must show that we can support our leaders who will fight for humane legislation.

The animals are counting on us to be the constant voice in the ears of legislators, city officials, and basically anyone with power in local governments.

  • This means that East Bay Animal PAC members should be present at as many political events as possible – and that costs money.
  • This means that we will be identifying animal-friendly candidates to support in local elections — and that costs money.
  • This means that we may need to oppose animal-unfriendly candidates — and that costs money.

So we turn to you to help us be a voice for animals in the cities we live in and love so much.  Join us today!  And help us leverage the power we have as humans with a voice to help those who have no power and no voice: the animals. 

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin Discusses Groundbreaking Legislation for Animals

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin spoke to East Bay Animal PAC supporters on October 2, 2017. Mayor Arreguin continues to lead the fight for animal welfare in the East Bay. He spoke about why he fought to ban the declawing of cats and dogs, as well as the primate guardian issue, the prohibition of discriminating against renters with pets or guide dogs, the ban on animal testing, the plastic straw ban and this week’s ban on live animal giveaways.

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley Speaks About Responding to Animal Abuse

Nancy O’Malley generously volunteered her time on Monday, July 3, 2017 to speak to East Bay Animal PAC supporters about the links between violence against humans and violence against animals, and how her office deals with both issues. We thank District Attorney O’Malley for taking animal abuse seriously, and addressing the interests of all vulnerable members of our community. Thank you everyone for joining us. Your support makes events with animal-friendly elected officials like this possible.